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We, at TCFC in Bristol, offer excellent carpet and fitting services. We have served residential and commercial clients with a wide range of carpets and carpet tiles. We are the one-stop carpeting and flooring solution in Bristol.
We specialise in delivering Commercial Carpet Installation & Industrial Carpet Installation solutions to Bristol's residential, commercial, industrial, and civil sectors. No job is too big or too small. We’ve built our reputation based on quality artistry, efficient service, and value for money. Our team has 50 years of experience combined with the most skilled and professional Commercial Carpet Installation & Industrial Carpet Installation team that Bristol offers.





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All Major Manufactures Supplied

What makes our carpeting services the best?

We have a vast range of Broadloom Carpet, Carpet tiles and Carpet tile plank form; let our managers share their experience advising the right product for you. Then, we will survey your project and carry out a measure providing you with a detailed quotation and fitting plan. There is no need to remove furniture with modular floors as we have the equipment to lift in situ, saving the headache of moving heavy items. So, if you are looking for a carpet and flooring company that can take care of everything so that you don’t have to lift a finger, all you need to do is get in touch with us.

There are many reasons that we are known and often referred to as the best Professional Carpet and flooring service team in Bristol. Our Industrial Carpet Installation teams are trained, certified and insured to work on residential properties, large commercial projects and construction sites.

Hire our Commercial Carpet Installation & Industrial Carpet Installation specialists team with 50 years of experience with all the specialised tools needed to complete the job quickly, efficiently and affordably today!

We’re looking forward to extending the same quality results that we’ve become known for throughout the industry.

Commercial & Office Carpet Installation

TCFC Ltd offers a variety of commercial grade carpets to meet even your heaviest wear applications. For years, business owners have chosen carpet as one the most popular choices for their office floors or shop spaces because it is durable enough with its long-lasting properties that can last many years in some cases without having any need or concern about replacing them due to not only how well made they are but also from all those who prefer this type over others like vinyl which often break down after just 1-2 uses no matter what style you choose!

So if durability matters, talk directly to our team here at TCFC Ltd, where we’ll help find exactly what kind of product will suit your needs!

Retail Carpet Installation

When designing a store, it is essential to consider the carpet as part of your overall design. Carpets can be used in different patterns and colours, highlighting specific products or areas within stores more than others! Choose from wall-to-wall carpets perfect for high-traffic areas like entryways where they serve their function while also adding aesthetic value with beautiful designs that guide customers through all parts of your shopping centre effortlessly without getting lost on any circuitous routes possible because there are no hallways needed when you have these durable flooring options available at hand dispensing some cool style ideas into action!

School Carpet Supply & Installation

At TCFC Ltd, we’re passionate about providing affordable flooring to schools. Our expertise is in designing high-quality products at the lowest prices, emphasising customer service and fast delivery times – all while maintaining a commitment toward sustainability! We understand that schools across the UK have tight budgets, which means it’s essential for them to not only get what they need but also do so without breaking their bank accounts every time something needs fixing or replacing; this isn’t possible if you take advantage of our services though because as well being able to offer nationwide installation through stress-free fits during half terms holidays weekends and even late night sessions just let us know how often you need us, and we’ll be there!