Engineered Wood as opposed to solid wood Flooring is the most practical, sustainable selection you could make and it will last a lifetime when correctly maintained.

Wood Flooring has stunning beauty, each plank contains unique detail that will never to be repeated in any other floor or indeed any other tree. The natural knots, cracks and colour variations are what make a wood floor so distinctive Yet, when it comes to internal design, our tastes differ and for some of us, wood is just as impressive in its more refined state with less character. The finish of your floor is down to preference and practicalities, whether you prefer a smooth finished clean board, oiled or lacquered, hand scraped or even a band saw finish is a matter of taste and our consultants will guide you through the details of the maintenance regime each of these require will help you choose the floor that is perfect for you.

Grades are the categories that allow us to control the levels of character in each of our wood floors. And the grading process involves carefully selecting planks by eye to ensure they are grouped with planks that have a similar level of detail. Using this method, we can ensure a consistent feel is achieved across each of our floors.

Manufactures grades vary but as a guide to grading categories there are Select (clean), Rustic (with small treated knots) and Character Rustic (treated knots and treated cracks) the black finished treatment is a stunning contrasting effect and extremely robust. These are home to three distinct styles of wood, making it easy to choose a level of character for your taste and interior theme for the home or workplace.

One TCFC project manager oversees each project personally from selection to completion for total peace of mind.


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